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What is AirsPops Eco

AirsPops Eco* is the world’s first true e-cigarette recycling system.

How does AirsPops Eco differ from other recyclable vapes?

  1. AirsPops Eco’s external shell is made entirely of recycled plastic, which can be turned into plastic pellets for reuse.

  2. AirsPops Eco’s internal battery and sensor modules are housed in a separate module.

  3. The modules are recycled and recharged locally to reduce carbon footprint.

  4. Users who return their AirsPops Eco devices enjoy attractive rewards with Eco Loyalty programs.

  5. This not only encourages a practice of recycling but is win-win for everyone and the environment!

What are the benefits of ONE USE Eco?

  1. For users, AirsPops Eco encourages ethical and sustainable vaping practice while enjoying cost savings and lowering their carbon footprint.

  2. Retailers and distributors enjoy higher profit per AirsPops Eco device sale, therefore less reliant on volume sales. They are also encouraging more sustainable vaping by transitioning users away from single use devices.

  3. Manufacturers reusing the valuable batteries and sensors mean lower manufacturing costs. Reusing these valuable components also means a stabler supply chain less impacted by market forces.

  4. AirsPops Eco aims to reduce e-cigarette waste and harm to the environment.

How AirsPops Eco recycle Program work

  1. You can purchase AirsPops AirsPops Eco from the official online store: or our Pointed retails. Please check our AirsPops Eco Stockists

  2. When you purchase online, add a free return shipping bag with your order for returning used AirsPops Eco. Alternatively, place a recycle order by filling out this simple RECYCLE FORM.

  3. For online REWARD please ensure you have put 10 units into the recycling bag to be entitled for the $10 cash reward.

  4. Once your return is received, we have confirmed all details and items are correct. Then we will fulfil your recycling order, and make the cash reward payment to the destined bank account.

How does AirsPops Eco recycling System work?

  1. All used devices will be disassembled by our production team based in Wellington New Zealand. All batteries will be recharged for new Production in New Zealand.

  2. All biodegradable parts will be passed to our contracted waste management company for the next recycling process.

How many AirsPops Eco can I put in the courier bag for return?

To further reduce carbon footprints, we encourage all customers to return 10 units at a time. Therefore, the $10 rewards are applied by bags, which means you will only be rewarded, when there are exactly 10 units of ONE USE Eco within the courier bag.

What if I have more than 10 units to recycle?

You are welcome to send whatever amounts of used AirsPops Eco in hand. However please keep in mind that the online reward is only applicable by bag, which contains exactly 10 units. If you have more than 10, but less than 20, is only qualified for $10, but if you have exactly 20 units to fill up TWO bags, then you will be rewarded with $20 in total.

How long does it take to generate a return order and get rewards?

  1. 1-2 working days to receive the free postbags and same for sending it back to us.

  2. 1-3 working days to process and fulfil your recycling order.

  3. 1-3 business days for the rewards transfer into the destined bank account.